Call for Challenges

DICTA 2024, Perth, WA

The International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA) is soliciting proposals for challenges. The goal of a challenge is to stimulate innovation and collaboration, foster a dynamic environment for the exploration of cutting-edge techniques and applications in the field of computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, and related areas. DICTA is a flagship conference of the Australian Pattern Recognition Society (APRS) and offers a unique platform for researchers, academics, and industry professionals to share their innovative work, and foster collaborations. DICTA 2024 welcomes engaging and thought-provoking challenges to captivate the research community and push the boundaries of digital image computing. Embrace this opportunity to showcase your expertise and contribute to the advancement of digital image computing. Each challenge requires an organizing team for delineating tasks, providing training and test datasets, and outlining the metrics for evaluating performance. The topics for challenge proposal include, but are not limited to:

• Image/video Acquisition, Coding, Processing

• Computer Vision and Deep Learning

• Image Coding, Processing, and Enhancement

• 3D Vision, LiDAR, Shape and Texture Analysis

• Content-based Image Retrieval

• Image Analysis and Understanding

• Semantic Segmentation

• Quantum Image Processing

• Biomedical and e-health Applications

• Surveillance, Defence, and Industrial Applications

• Earth Observation and Remote Sensing

• Medical Image Analysis

• Human-computer Interaction

• Vision for Robotics and Autonomous Systemsg

• Industrial Machine Vision

• Generative and Diffusion Imaging


• Proposal Submission: 29th March 2024

• Notice of Acceptance: 12th April 2024


To propose a challenge, please send a PDF file containing the following information to the challenge co-chairs:

• Challenge title

• Brief introduction of the challenge (500 words max)

• Description of the datasets and metrics.

• Important dates (e.g., data available, submission deadline, and winner announcement)

• Short bio(s) of the challenge organizer(s))

• Awards, if any

• Sponsorship, if any)

Challenge co-chairs:

Dr Naeha Sharif:

Dr Longguang Wang: